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Clue Time 3 by theTieDyeCloak Clue Time 3 by theTieDyeCloak
EDIT: This clue is now closed, answer can be found here!

It's that time again! The question of the week is really a simple one: Which suspect do you want me to open for questioning next?

For anyone who's new to the game, every time I post a suspect's portrait, they are open to questions for the rest of the comic (unless of course something unfortunate should befall them...) My plan was to post the suspects more or less in the order they appear in the comic, but since it takes me awhile to draw/ post them I thought I'd let you choose who you'd like to question next after Toby (he's next for sure since his portrait is almost done, but after him I have no set plan.) Choose wisely; some characters may be more able (or willing) to give you useful information than others!

Okay so here's how it works: VOTE HERE for the character you'd like to see next! It's that simple :)

But! I will also give extra votes (which I'll add on to the poll results separately) to anyone who can answer any of the following questions, one extra vote per question:

1. What year does the story take place in?
2. Who has worked at Greyshire longer; the butler or the maid?
3. How many Narwhals have appeared in this comic?

(Hint: the answer to one of these can only be found within the suspects' question log.) Remember, note me instead of commenting if you don't want other people to see your answers!

By the way, Feathers and Sophie have had a lovely time chatting with you all! Some of you are asking very insightful questions already and there hasn't even been a crime yet! I applaud your sleuthyness! :sherlock:

Greyshire is an interactive-murder-mystery-web-comic-thingamajig. Think you can solve it? Check out the OFFICIAL PAGE for details
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that looks awesome!
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